How Braille Signage Guides Disabled People in Public Buildings?

How Braille Signage Guides Disabled People in Public Buildings?

A sign is the first thing people usually seen before they enter an establishment. It is displayed to attract the attention of customers and helps you to decide whether you need to enter or not. The Braille signs are manufactured especially for disabled people so, that they can touch and feel the signage. It helps them to find their way into the building. Braille signs are made up of different materials for identifying the spaces and rooms in a premise. Signwriters Sydney fabricate all types, sizes and quantities of signage out of all types of materials, including metal, acrylic, wood and composites.

A sign is a form of visual communication tool used by establishments of all sizes and types to reach customers. Braille signs help those people with sight problems to understand and navigate around the workspace. It is installed inside the property and provides equal opportunities to all by alerting them about the dangers. You can find it at different locations like elevators, washroom, next to doors and many places.

Different Materials used to Manufacture Signage

Various agencies, organisations and businesses are required to post these signs in common location. Those include schools, restaurants, office and other facilities. To bring compliance, it is essential to work closely with Braille Signage Suppliers in Australia for meeting needs. The different types used for making signage in Australia are:

Acrylic sign– You can get acrylic signs in different colours-blue, black and silver. It is manufactured from UV stable acrylic method and uses unique method for producing Braille pieces. This method uses immense heat and pressure to create signs and comes with tape for an easy fix.

Stainless steel signs– Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, rust and oxidation and making it durable material for manufacturing sign. The biggest advantage is it is rust free and beneficial for long-term. A company might also use CNC for making Braille sign by drilling the holes and repeating the process to insert braille balls without reconfiguring the machine.

Aluminium signage– Aluminium signage is lightweight and strong and ideal material for an interior sign. It can also be double or single sided. It is made up of aluminium plate with stamping and it could be painted in any colour.

Custom sign– Select a company that specialises in designing custom made signs. Whether it leads to manufacturing it in different sizes or giving a background the professionals could perform it. You should have the option of choosing from various materials, styles and colour by maintaining high- quality standards and craftsmanship.

When choosing Braille Signage Suppliers in Australia make sure you have the following features:

  • Raised text and wide space
  • Accurate and highly durable
  • Colour contrast high in range and low gloss surface

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