Pregnancy Foods To Eat – The ABC Key

Pregnancy Foods To Eat – The ABC Key

Many mothers-to-be find it very difficult to maintain a healthy diet, however it is not all that challenging if you know this technique. In fact eating correctly during your pregnancy can be as easy as ABC. Microbiome is especially interested in studies that go beyond descriptive omics surveys and include experimental or theoretical approaches that mechanistically support proposed microbiome functions, and establish, if possible, cause and effect relationships.

A- stands for assortment. As the old say goes “variety is the spice of life”, and this can also be applied to your pregnancy diet. Ensure that your eating routine contains an assortment of fruits, vegetables and protein. This will help to make sure that both you and your developing baby do not get too much of one kind of nutrient while lacking in sufficient amounts of another. Consuming a wide range of foods will also mean that the growing baby will be getting a daily assortment of essential vitamins and minerals.

B- stands for balance. As with any proper diet or healthy eating plan, there needs to be a balance in your eating and moderation needs to be practiced. For example, if you crave ice cream, then by all means treat yourself to some, just don’t eat the entire container at once. Keeping your meals balanced as possible by eating a variety of healthy foods is important to ensure that you are consuming enough natural vitamins, whole grains and lean protein for both you and the baby. So again, it is fine to indulge in a food craving once in awhile, provided you practice a degree of moderation with the chips, cookies or whatever your craving happens to be at the time.

C- stands for color. It has been proven time and time again that the more colorful your plate appears, the more appeasing it appears to your eyes. Fancy restaurants and food magazine are experts at dressing up the meal. A great presentation on your plate can often turn a “ho-hum” meal into something very special. So make use of fresh fruits and vegetables to decorate your plate. For example the red of strawberries and tomatoes to the yellow of peppers and squash and the greens of peas and beans are just some colorful and very healthy foods that you can employ to dress up your meals.

Most experts would agree that pregnancy is not the time to go on any type of diet! Both you and your developing baby need a constant supply of calories, vitamins, and minerals during this exciting time in your life. The good news is that everyone expects you to put on weight when you are pregnant, so why not enjoy the time and forget worrying about your waistline? Trying to avoid weight gain during this time through dieting also has the possibility of putting both you and your baby at risk. Besides, you have the rest of your life once the baby arrives to worry about shedding the excess weight. So consider “diet” to be a bad word during your pregnancy!

Pregnancy is also a great time to expand your normal eating patterns into trying different foods that are healthy for you. Remember we are not worried about the waistline here! It is also very common to find yourself craving foods you never thought you would like during this time and conversely, unable to stomach foods that you used to like. This is perfectly normal and for most women, once the baby is born, you will look forward to eating your favorite foods again.

Finally it is important to think of eating as a positive experience, even to the point of being fun. So if you are tempted to skip meals due to the boredom associated with eating the “same old same old”, then as already mentioned, do some experimenting with your food. Add extra touches such dips with your vegetables. Try to savour your food and eat slowly rather than gulping it. This will often help avoid heartburn later on after eating. Avoid any guilt from eating junk foods, provided you practice moderation! After all, who better than you deserves to treat yourself now and again as a small reward for enduring all the changes and challenges that come with being pregnant.

So to reiterate, discovering suitable pregnancy foods to eat can actually be as simple as knowing your ABCs!

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