What Does a Professional SEO Consultant Do For a Living?

What Does a Professional SEO Consultant Do For a Living?

Ok, so you wish to know more about what a Professional SEO packages Melbourne does for a living? Specifically, you wish to understand what type of work is involved in a typical Web Site SEO and what Search Engine Optimisation Services are provided.

Well it basically comes down to a four step process

* Find the Current Web Site SEO Baseline

* Develop Search Engine Optimisation Services Plan

* Develop Web Site Link Building Strategy

* Monitor and Maintain Website SEO

Before elaborating further on the four step process, a Professional SEO Consultant should allow complete transparency in regards to their process. Basically, it is your money and you should always have a clear picture of what is going on and what step of the process you are at.

Current Web Site SEO Baseline

This is where you are, right now! Before you even came to this web site – your site has a current state.

That is, before even an Professional SEO Consultant starts to construct and implement a plan base on your site. They must observe and review your site for both good and bad points.

Once this has been established and written in stone then both parties (that is, you and I) can proceed.

Develop Search Engine Optimisation Services Plan

1. Competitor Analysis

Do you really know who your competitors are?

Fair enough, you might be able to throw out a few names however what and where is the data to back up these assumptions! The beauty of the web is that you main competitors do not necessary have to be global companies, they could well be a cottage industry located right next door to you.

One of the first things to happen in your Search Engine Optimisation Services Plan is to establish who your competitors are and why do they rank highly in search engines.

2. Outline Search Engine Optimisation Services details.

Firstly, a Web Site SEO Consultant will research good keyword / phrases that will bring prospective clients to your site.

Just for your information, keywords are search phrases that people like you and me enter into a search engine to find particular information or services. For instance, you may have entered in “SEO Consultant” or “Search Engine Optimisation Services” to find this website. So a Corporate SEO consultant will gather for you the most powerful keywords in terms of your site subject matter. These keywords will be based on the highest number of daily searches, relevance and low competition against your main competitors. These keywords will be communicated to you, thus allowing you to know what exactly is going on and how we are going to proceed.

From here site optimisation will be built around the agreed keywords – this consists of many other technical SEO optimisation techniques that will be explained and highlighted in the plan and will be discussed between both parties.

Develop Web Site Link Building Strategy

Not only does your website need to be optimised; it also needs some coverage within the web community. That is, you need news / buzz generated about you and as a result inbound links will point to your site (which brings potential customers). Therefore good content / links must be generated from outside your website. For example, news articles, references in online directories, subject matter experts discussing you on their blogs must be explored.

Monitor and Maintain Website SEO

Ok, so everything (that is, SEO optimisation and Link Building) has been planned and executed. So what now? Heliumseo does various strategy for you to be notice in google.

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