What to Do After 12th to Become a VFX Artist!

What to Do After 12th to Become a VFX Artist!

The video industries and motion picture employ the greater number of visual effects (Vfx) artists. These professionals/artists choose some areas/genres, such as animation, Vfx, stunts, modeling or photography. Some big animated movie studios and film production houses create their own effects for films, movies, television and theatre; however, most of the work is typically done in smaller studios.

This industry involves the creation of special effects and crafts for television, movies, theatre, video game or websites. This can include crafts like animation, puppetry, pyrotechnics, stunts, modeling, make-up, and job titles include Sfx artist, Vfx artist, Vfx Visualizer, Robotic engineers, 3D artist, 3D generalist, multimedia artist and technician. The artist must attain skills required to grow in the industry and enhances his/her career options. It is possible to obtain work based on experience, knowledge and skills. There are formal education programs or degree programs available that include CGI or Visual effects training. Most of the employers of animation and Vfx studios require a bachelor’s degree or Master Degree in animation & Vfx or computer graphics.

What is Visual Effect

These are the visual tricks or illusions used in the television, theatre, video game, film to simulate the events in story or virtual world.

  • It captivates the latest trends in the market of CGI and digital film-making. With the emergence of CGI techniques or procedures in film-making special effects and visual effects has grown, with referring to digital post-production, mechanical and optical effects.
  • Mechanical effects are usually attained during the live shooting. It includes the use of mechanized scenery, props, animatronics, pyrotechnics, scale models, atmospheric effects: physical wind, fog, snow, rain, clouds, blowing up a building and making a car appear to drive by itself, etc. Mechanical effects are also incorporated into makeup and set design.
  • Photographic effects also called Optical effects are the techniques in which film frames and images are created photographically, either by camera using mattes, multiple exposure or in digital post-production using a printer. An optical effect used to place sets or actors against different backgrounds.

Since the CGI (computer-generated imagery) has come to the frontline of this technology. It gives digital filmmakers or directors sensibility of great control, and allows many effects to accomplished more convincingly and safely -as techniques or procedures improves-at lower costs. As a result, many mechanical and optical effects techniques or procedures have been override by CGI.


Most students think that only education is the most important and crucial part of starting a career in this industry. It is a false idea. Here, TALENT and SKILL is much important than education. The only time education is important is when, it develops you a discipline, dedicated artist and character. There are few lectures those you can take that which really teach what you need to learn in order to be a good artist. Education gives a person valuable exposure and exhibits to the things he/she would never be able to experience by their own.


These attributes you must earn do by your own. If you are actually interested in looking career options in Visual effects or CGI industry you will consume everything you can get with your hands on. Study does not mean learning all the titles of movies and the names of actors. Movie trivia never help you in your career building. You should learn technical stuff with it.

You must learn about techniques or procedures and methods, latest trends in the market by joining any convincing college/university where they provide you infrastructure pertaining to the vfx industry like Chroma studios, film making laboratories, high-end cameras and hands-on experience. In India, there’s a reputed media University, AAFT arts & media which have all these facilities and they are pioneer in Film and Vfx training.


Animation and Vfx Studios and production houses are always interested in someone who is innovative and clever, and they imagine what he/she can do with the given resources, materials and equipment. Most newcomers/fresher in this industry wants to jump to the top. Most of them want to go to Hollywood and be an apprenticeship/trainee under some master or experienced artist. Every time you work on a project make sure you take a couple of good photos of it, you’ll see why in a moment. To be successful, you must carry the skills required to grow in the market.

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